About Chutneys

As a food company with a chain of popular eateries in the city we know what pleases the Indian palate. And that is what makes our each Chokhi Dhani Foods product special.

All one has to do is open the Chokhi Dhani Gravies Ready to Cook pack among our wide range of favourite Mango Chutney & Garlic Chutney from 100% fresh ingredients, no preservatives and have high shelf life.


Chokhi Dhani Group has emerged as a unique hospitality chain due to its commitment to provide guests with unique experience of rajasthani culture. The pride of rajasthan and India Chokhi Dhani Group can easily boast itself as a great promoter and preserver of traditional heritage hospitality of Rajasthani culture.

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Products : Chutneys

  • Mango Chutney

  • Garlic Chutney

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