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As a food company with a chain of popular eateries in the city we know what pleases the Indian palate. And that is what makes our each Chokhi Dhani Foods product special.

Chokhi Dhani Foods Instant Mixes Our wide range of Chokhi Dhani Snacks and Desert Instant Mixes makes it so easy to make breakfasts, snacks and deserts at home within minutes. Our range includes the most loved and enjoyed dishes and snacks like Dahi Vada Instant Mix, Moong Dal Vada Instant Mix, Pakora Instant Mix, Dhokla Instant Mix, Khaman Instant Mix, Idli Instant Mix, Upma Instant Mix, Uttapam Instant Mix. The tasty dessert mixes include the Gulab Jamun Instant Mix and Jalebi Instant Mix from Chokhi Dhani Foods. All the Chokhi Dhani Foods Instant Mixes go through a rigorous quality check and have no preservatives.


Chokhi Dhani Group has emerged as a unique hospitality chain due to its commitment to provide guests with unique experience of rajasthani culture. The pride of rajasthan and India Chokhi Dhani Group can easily boast itself as a great promoter and preserver of traditional heritage hospitality of rajasthani culture.

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Products : Instant Mix

  • Dahi vada

    Dahi Vada-big
  • Dhokla Mix

    Dhokla Mix-big
  • Dosa Mix

    Dosa Mix-big
  • Gulab Jamun Mix

    Gulab Jamun Mix-big
  • Idli Mix

  • Jalebi Mix

    Jalebi Mix-big
  • Khaman Mix

    Khaman Mix-big
  • Moong Dal Vada

    Moong Dal Vada Mix-big
  • Pakora mix

    pakora Mix-big
  • Upma

  • Uttapam Mix

    Uttapam Mix-big
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